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CXFL powder separator

Powder separator,CXFL series thickness powder separator
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Feed size: production capacity :20-100.
Adapt materials: all kinds of stone.
Applications: used for chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, mining, coal, metallurgy industry pipeline operations.

CXFL series powder separator in cement industrial production, grinding system to improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the product is now commonly used circuit grinding system. Classifiers as an important part of the system, its performance advanced or not directly affect the efficiency of the system. Therefore, the development work of the classifiers has been the emphasis of research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises. CXFL new efficient combination double rotor classifiers to the different characteristics of the rotor classifier based on the development of the Engineering Institute of Nanjing University of Portland, combined with foreign advanced technology of the powder, for cement plant raw materials and cement , developed its own the latest election powder equipment. Classifying efficiency of the device is more than 85% proven, flexible and easy to adjust the fineness, reliable performance. 

CXFL series powder separator works
1, the ground material from the upper part of the classifier hopper enter classifiers fall into one combined with the rotor propeller sprinkle trays on the one hand by the high-speed rotation of the Caesar trays, material inertial centrifugal force to the surrounding spreading out, subject to both the updraft effect produced by the propeller sprinkle trays blades up raised, forming materials boiling sprinkle trays on the propeller blades. The material finer particles float upward, was suspended dispersed state, while the thicker or heavier the material trays were scattered leaves dispersed along the cylinder wall fall, the completion of the first election powder.
2, sprinkle the bottom of the trays with cage rotor under 10 under cage rotor is rotated together with the spindle, the formation of a vortex airflow, the coarse heavy materials will fall along the cylinder wall material powder scattered, one of the fine powder to rise from circulating air back again grading, meal by the trickle device is discharged from the inner cone.
3, sprinkle the top of the feed tray has a cage rotor 6. On the cage rotor grading circle near the surface of the powder room, air flow and dispersed in the gas stream of material driven by the circle of the grading and classification circle with high-speed rotation, uniform strong vortex in the classification circle around airflow. The size of the stream of material by centrifugal force through the speed motor, the rotational speed of the spindle 3 is adjusted. When the speed increases, the force also increases. If you keep a certain amount of handling wind cut size will be reduced, Product tapering; if the speed is reduced, the product thicker. Thus the native fineness of the product in the course of their work according to the specific process requirements of the flexible adjustment of control, and improve the effect of the classification of the material particles, to improve the efficiency of the classifier.
4 on cage rotor grading of fine particles with circulating air to enter the external inpidual cyclone. New cyclone design uses two outlet structure, and additional wind deflector the snail angle at the air inlet, the inner cone additional reflective screen, additional deceleration plate at the lower end of the cyclone sleeve, so that the whirlwind a fluid resistance of the dust collector has dropped significantly. The circular plate under the action of the wind in the wind guide to higher wind speed into a cyclone collector. The enlarged portion in the snail angle Winds suddenly reduced to accelerate the particles from settling, but also improve the efficiency of the cyclone dust collector. The outlet from the next wind discharged directly into efficient dust collector, greatly reduces the dust content in the circulating air, reducing the finished product fineness.

CXFL series powder separator compared to traditional classifiers, CXFL series of highly efficient modular The double rotor classifiers have the following unique advantages:

1 Removable trays modular propeller Caesar make the material quickly raised upward to form a uniform dispersion of the three-dimensional material curtain, pre-grading.
2 with wear-resistant Removable 40Cr seamless steel pipe used to replace the original round steel resolve the worn out after the steel pipe, the material powder is poured from the perforation site steel pipe and undermine the balance tumble caused by vibration, and at the same time will also extend cage life.
3, to optimize the design of the cage angle the column grid density, speed, diameter more to adapt to the needs of the powder raw material.
4 dual rotor structure, stable forced vortex formed by under-cage rotor, the coarse material falling again dispersed, grading, improve the efficiency and accuracy of grading classifiers.
5, with reference to international advanced cyclone collector technology, combined with the characteristics of the raw material, a computer simulation of the design of the snail angle of the cyclone collector, speed brakes, as well as high-diameter ratio, reducing fluid resistance, improve the collection efficiency.
6, speed motor to adjust the speed, fine adjustment convenient, sensitive and reliable, and the wide adjustment range.
7,  In all parts grindability are new wear-resistant liner protection, easy maintenance, effectively extending the life of the host.
8, the rotation system uses dry oil lubrication system, succeeded in solving the problem of bearing lack of oil wearing.
9, statically indeterminate structure, the whole almost no vibration. Fan of the new dust-damping system vibration to a minimum, greatly enhancing the equipment running smoothly.

CXFL series powder separator  compared with traditional classifiers, CXFL series of highly efficient modular The double rotor election powder machine has the following advantages:

1, the particle size distribution is concentrated particles rationalizes graded, increased significantly between 3 μm-30μm particles, product quality has improved significantly.
2, easy to operate, and can easily adjust the fineness.
3,Easy wear parts designed to wear protection, a small amount of maintenance, equipment, and long life.
4, Energy saving, system unit power consumption than the traditional circle flow system reduced by about 30%.
5, can open circuit mill yield of 60-80%, the classifying efficiency as high as 85-90%.
6, easy installation, wind turbine equipped with damping base, can be directly supported with steel frame.
7, the system low investment, easy operation and maintenance, especially suitable for the transformation of the old factory.
8, classifiers work in a slightly negative pressure, no dust leakage, improved production environment.

CXFL series powder separator installation and commissioning requirements: 
1, the installation of equipment 
⑴ reference actinomycetes: reference actinomycetes process layout, equipment size, floor chisel hair wash to a foundation. 
⑵ fixed foundation: pouring four 150mm concrete bearing, the bearing surfaces smooth elevation error of not more than 2mm (concrete bearing surface plus the best 16mm thick steel plate). 
⑶ the casing installation: shell and gently placed in the cradle and process layout orientation plus Dianban leveling, and then embedded bolts fixed (or fixed) with embedded steel spot welding. Casing flange-mounted flat, plus asbestos rope (or rubber asbestos sealing between the flange), the work does not allow air leakage. Lid wind deflector and the rotor plane clearance requirements between 50-60mm. 
⑷ transmission bearing installation: spindle and rotor before installation to carefully check whether the shipment process deform, break something, no problem can be installed. Spindle, bearings, bearing tubing and cylinder superstructure join good lifting together. The rotor Caesar trays in advance before lifting to be installed into the housing. 
2, the whole installation is complete, the the superstructure level error control is not greater than 2 mm per meter length. 
3, commissioning 

Installation inspection before commissioning, commissioning following major elements: 
⑴ check should be rotating part, the spindle was plumb state, flexible rotation without catching phenomenon. 
(2) rotating part of the direction of rotation out of the wind direction and air inlet into the cyclone, not the opposite. 
⑶ tighten all bolts. 
⑷ classifiers install add the right amount of lubricant to the lubrication point should be, and then make a trial run for 4-8 hours (high speed), check each bearing oil supply situation, commissioning completely before they can be put into production. Elected powder machine rotary part of the normal operation only after the feeding. Stop feeding parking a few minutes and then stop the spindle motor, fan, dust collector. 

CXFL series powder separator operation and maintenance and overhaul 

1, the operation and maintenance 
A lot of factors to influence the election the powder machine production effect, and interrelated. To classifier circuit grinding system to achieve high efficiency, large output, the operation must be carried out by skilled workers with some experience. In order to guarantee the long-term safety classifier normal operation, pay attention to day-to-day maintenance of the classifiers, the use of manufacturers operating procedures should be developed in line with the actual situation of the factory and the maintenance, repair system. 

(1) each of the bearings should be regularly adding lubricant to ensure sufficient lubrication of the lubrication point, each bearing lubricant used must be clean. Bearing in rustling sound caused by dirt and normal lubrication must timeliness of maintenance and removal of impurities. 
(2) each bearing a temperature not exceeding 65 ℃. 
⑶ often pay attention to the election of a smooth powder found abnormal vibration should stop check exclusion. 
⑷ duct pipes should be regular cleaning to prevent dust accumulation; duct at the same time prevent rainwater from entering avoid dust caking. 

2, overhaul 
Classifiers overhaul: After the shutdown, stand inside temperature to reduce dust sedimentation open the access door after the overhaul. Maintenance must "overhaul" sign hung in the electrical switch control, so as to avoid the car wounding. 
Repair is completed, remove the signs should be original listing, to show that the repair is completed before they can drive. 
Overhaul should be based on the inspection results, use the experience to determine generally the following: 
⑴ spindle, bearings, oil seals, cleaning, inspection, and should be replaced if more than a specified value. 
⑵ join at the nut is loose or damaged, such as exceeding the prescribed should be replaced. 
⑶ is complete inspection of the instrument sensitivity, or repair or replacement. 
⑷ Clear housing, piping on the adhesion of dust. 
Of ⑸ grading ring (rotor) turn cage, and threw trays and other wearing parts for wear, if any, should be replaced. 
3, the operation of the fan motor maintenance, overhaul, please refer to the corresponding manual. 
The adjustment of the fineness of the CXFL series powder separator products 
Out from the classifier finished fineness fine side to reduce the rotational speed of the rotor, until the fineness meet the requirements. If still can not meet the requirements, it may be appropriate to open the main damper valves. If the finished coarse the opposite adjustment method. 

CXFL series powder separator Note 
1, to strengthen the operation and management. 
2, this series of classifiers classifying efficiency, load cycle, but attention should not be so small, recommend the use of cyclic loading at 100-200% better. 3, the system is sealed better, with particular attention to the fine powder and coarse powder exports, should be locked wind device, or classifiers can not work properly. 
4, fineness regulation generally rotor speed controller, as far as possible without air volume control. 
5,Classifiers can be a small part of the 5 best classifiers system to increase bag dust collector or electric dust collection system, so that the circulating air into the dust collector is not only in a slight negative pressure operation, is not easy to take the ash, and reduce circulating air dust concentration, reduce the temperature of circulating air. Classifiers negative pressure point position, and further improve the efficiency of the classifier. 

CXFL series powder separator reference to the United States and developed specifically for mechanisms sand dry process for the production of fines (≤ 0.075mm) separating the ideal equipment, you can easily control mechanisms sand in fines content, in order to meet user The different requirements. 

CXFL powder separator Technical Data:

Model Capacity(t/h) Fan Power(KW) Motor Power(KW) Major Axis Speed(r/min)
CXFL-2000 20-35 30 11 190-380
CXFL-3000 30-45 37 15 150-350
CXFL-3500 45-55 55 18.5 130-320
CXFL-4000 55-75 90 30 120-280
CXFL-5000 75-100 132 55 120-280
Note:Capacities are relative to physical character and type of feeding,feeding size and composition and so on.

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