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Cone crusher classification and characteristics

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With cone crushers on the market increasing demand, cone crusher continuously updated technology research and development, the use of gradually expanding the scope, type and model is gradually increasing. Face everywhere gem cone machine types, how to choose it?

Below we summarize the cone crusher classification and characteristics in order to sand and gravel plant, sand production line stone crushing plant selection of quality cone crusher.

cone crushers

Cone crusher is a more advanced crushing equipment, with high power, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, currently on the market are mainly SMG efficient cone crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, mobile cone crushing station and many other species. Each category is further divided into a number of models, each model corresponding device performance, functionality, technology is not the same, entrepreneurs can according to their actual production situation to choose. These broken equipment can effectively deal with the material coarse, medium, fine work.

For proper selection and rational use of broken equipment, we chose to spring cone crusher analyze their main advantages:
[1] Yield good: It has a large crushing chamber, for entrepreneurs, higher production yields and better quality;
[2] Save time: machine built with safety device, which can effectively save downtime;
[3] The lubrication system complete and effective; special spring device can effectively protect the device;
[4] Internal structure, good sealing, long life, stable performance.

Spring Cone Crusher shortcomings: The use of manufacturers should always check the device, its regular care and maintenance, so careful of maintenance in order to effectively guarantee the normal operation of the device. Yifan Machinery for professional service engineers provide customers around the world to build programs gravel production line, equipment maintenance, installation, and maintenance services.

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